Computer help we offer

We all need help with Computers sometimes so dont be shy give us a call on 07762 789559 & explain what you want to learn or what you need help with. We offer set packages eg Computer servicing or can try to sort out whatever issue your experiencing.

In home Computer help phone us for prices  . Please click where it says services at the top middle of this webpage for a list of services we offer.

We offer a Computer Servicing package ..A full day of help ( roughly 6 hours of work )  where we will install lots of helpful  free Software to protect your Computer from the endless new threats being created by hackers and clean up junk files to make the PC run quicker phone us for latest prices . For that we will install Antivirus, AntiMalware, Firewall ( if needed), a number of Browsers & addons to block bad things, Temperature monitoring tools, Memory improving software, Cleaning software that removes junk files &  cleans the computers registry, media players to play videos and music, & more ! you will get an amazing package ! call 07762 789559 to book or email with questions, please leave your phone number so i can get back to you.


Cleaning package .. we will open a desktop Computer and clean out the dust ( failure to clean dust can cause static and lead to failures eg the motherboard) it also causes the PC to run hotter which will shorten the life span of parts. We also clean the outside and cables. The computer will need to be taken outside as dust will get blown everywhere ! phone us for the price of the Cleaning package including equipment we use.

Computer lessons eg learn your way around Microsoft Windows 10 operating system if your new to it, everyone learns at different speeds so when you phone to ask us please explain what you want to learn about tell us what you need to learn. It could be How to use Antivirus, how to use Antimalware ( catches malicious software which isnt classed as a computer  Virus ( everyone should have an Antimalware software program installed & know how to use it.)  Maybe your totally new to using computers in which case were happy to teach you everything. Lessons should be booked  to last at least 2 hours and upwards as its pointless trying to rush through tasks, people learn better when not rushed ! lessons are charged per hour .

VPN package a VPN ( Virtual private network) is an internet connection that is encrypted to stop anyone knowing what websites you are visiting or what your downloading etc . Did you know your ISP ( internet service provider eg Virgin or BT) record every website you have visited and give that info to the Government ! the Government & what ever agency's they share this info with , want to see a list of who now has access to your web surfing history ? then click this link then after you've read that come back to my website 

A properly set up  VPN  keeps your web surfing private. Its a complex thing to set up correctly and requires a few bits of software, one of which needs to be purchases for about £20,  youll also need a Paypal account to pay the VPN provider for use of their service ( each 3 months is about £15 it differs by a few pennys each time due to the exchange rate ) if you dont have Paypal we can set up an account for you. Full VPN setup on Windows 7 or Windows 10 with training so you know how to use it phone us for the latest price.

Anything else call 07762 789559 to discuss your needs or email

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Internet Help we offer

We can help you choose an ISP ( Internet service provider ) based on what you use the internet for, eg if you download lots of tv shows its no good choosing a broadband package that only allows a small amount of data per month. we will explain everything. Lots of people now stream tv shows eg using BBC Iplayer and other catch up services or use Netflix to stream films, these all use lots of data.

here's some useful links to ISP's to start looking at 

We can set up your Broadband equipment once they have sent it to your home and you have received it , for example i switched from BT to Virgin a few years ago, recently i changed the package i have with them but they only send out the new Router and TV box for its users to set up ! Virgin do not send any one to set this up, this can be a very stressful thing for many people to set up on their own as the instructions are never perfect so let us do the job for you . For Broadband set up. call 07762 789559

We can test the actual internet speed your getting and calculate the amount of data your using before you switch provider so you will know what new package to pay for to match your needs. free software install to monitor data use included in this service.

Dont forget your ISP keeps a record of every website you visit and gives it to the government..see our Services section at the top of this webpage to find out about a VPN service to keep your web use private.

call 07762 789559 or email to ask about anything.

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Video production eg for Youtube

We can film anything for you using either 4K or 1080p Camcorders to put on your own website or sites like Youtube . My personal Youtube account has thousands of subscribers and millions of views see 

Those are just videos ive taken while out doing my hobbys of Wildlife filming and Plane spotting, but i can film anything for you eg a business presentation, a seminar, a lecture, your pet , your wedding etc. My most popular videos can be seen here  

if i can get a million views by filming a Hedgehog just think what i can do for you or your business ! im happy to drive to a location to film anything and take paying customers with me as part of the deal. Price of filming will be worked out based on your needs , videos will be put onto an external hard drive and then transfered to your own computer or hard drive. A 1 minute long 4K quality video uses about 500mb of storage space where as a 1min long 1080p video uses about 150mb

We can explain what external hard drives to buy to store your videos. The 1080p camcorder has an amazing 90x zoom on it similar to this see

the 4K camcorder has incredible quality up to 25x zoom after that digital takes over and can magnify up to 1500x but quality goes down the more you zoom in see this video for what it can do  

call 07762 789559 to ask about any Video filming  job you might want us to do. Part payment via Paypal to us must be done in advance once you book us if its a job we need to travel to do, if its in home filming you can pay us once were done. Our email to pay us using Paypal is

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We offer Computer & Internet help in the Cambridge England & surrounding areas as well as Videography ( creating videos by  filming anything you want filmed ) There are simply too many different tasks we know how to do to list them all. call us on 07762 789559 to ask us about anything. Dont forget to read our blog articles on this website where we will give lots of really useful information on what software every computer should have not only to stay safe but also to do amazing things when using the internet.

I may also offer Life Coaching / Business coaching to anyone thats interested in planning their life out to get the life they want.

Im also open to being asked for other help as i like to be of help. Help will be charged  per hour and will be more depending on the task So do you need someone to take an elderly relative to a supermarket ? maybe help with house clearance if your moving etc ..dont be shy email us on or call 07762 789559

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So now call us on 07762 789559 for a quote or to discuss anything

or you can email us if you dont want to talk on the phone, our email is please put the subject matter title as internetcomputerhelp needed

We have been using Computers & the Internet heavily since the year 2000,( so roughly 18 years experience)  ive worked on Windows 98/ME , Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & now the latest version Windows 10, Currently we do not offer help with Linux or Apple Computers but may do in future.