Our Approach

Unless you work in IT  ( Information technology )  once you have bought a Computer & Internet provider your pretty much left to figure everything out yourself. Many people simply hope they wont get a Computer virus, or hope nothing will go wrong. We exist to put all the software onto a Computer so that everyone is as best protected as they can be , there are endless PC helpers that fix hardware problems so thats not our focus ( although we can do some Hardware installs) we focus on the software ( the instructions) a Computer uses to make it do everything. We offer in home help as much as possible as clients need to learn how to use what we install. We try to only take a Computer from a customer when we really have to to diagnose a bad fault for example or if you simply cant be home when we need to work on your PC . Call us on 07762 789559 to discuss your needs . Please click on our Services link at the top of our website  and look at the huge range of  Services that  we offer.

Our Story

Starting a Computer help service for the Cambridge England  & surrounding areas has been a plan for some time. Launching any business takes a lot of planning but here we are , we are up and running in early 2018. I have been working on Computers since around the year 2000 ( Microsoft Windows Computers) & in that time have learned a huge amount of things i now wish to teach to other peple.  Having now gone through lots of steps to planning a Business , building a Website & Advertising it we can help anyone do the same ..anyone can start a Business if they try. So if your thinking of starting a Website or going Self employed maybe we can help you. Call us on 07762 789559 or email mars2030@gmail.com

Next Steps...

Call us on 07762 789559 to book any service or discuss what you need.

you can also email us at mars2030@gmail.com if you prefer.