What area do we cover around Cambridge England ? 

We hope to mostly work in the Cambridge England area but are willing to drive to peoples homes within a 1 hour drive of central Cambridge. Any further than that may be possible if its at least 1 full days work for us. Areas we cover include.. Cambridge, Burwell, Cherry hinton, Fulbourn,Girton ,  Granchester,Harston,  Milton , Sawston, Stow cum quy, Teversham, Trumpington, Waterbeach, Wicken,  Please advise us on where we can park preferably on your drive or just outside your home. Give us your postcode for out satnav when you book on 07762 789559

What if we cant fix a problem ?

If you book us to come work on your Computer or Internet equipment we will do our best to fix whats wrong, if you have a serious fault we cant fix we will explain what you need to do next. For example if a Virus has destroyed your Microsoft Windows operating system setup in such a way as the best thing to do is to reinstall Windows we will carefully explain what your options are before we do anything else. We do not offer a no fix no fee service . Sometimes people view dangerous sites and mess up their computers really badly making it extremely difficult for anyone to restore a PC to how it was before the infection, if that's the case you may have suffered some data loss which is why you must have back ups of your data. We can show you how to backup your data.

Do we work 7 days a week & what areas do we cover ?

Yes, but we have family and a life outside of work too ! therefore our main working hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday, if you need us to work outside those hours/days we will for a higher fee. Saturdays will be £5 per hour more and Sundays £10 per hour more between 9am and 5pm

Outside of normal working hours ( 9am to 5pm) may be possible so check with us my phoning us on 07762 789559  but will incur an extra charge on top of normal fees of an extra £15 per hour on top of normal charges.

Customer service

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions just email us at mars2030@gmail.com or phone 07762 789559