Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 was released 15 july 2015 see this for more details on Win10 if you already owned a copy of Win7 or Win8 Microsoft gave you Win10 for free, ( Microsoft went crazy bugging people endlessly to get Win10 which was very annoying ) I didnt install it until i had a major problem with my PC ( graphics card failure caused endless BSOD blue screen of death errors on my Windows 7 pc ) so i got win10 on 23 October 2017 , i got Windows creators update win10 version 1703 on 26oct2017, by 7nov17 im on win10 version 1709, by 2may2018 win10 is now version 1803, by 12apr19 im on win10 1809,

Problems began after i installed the update that takes win10 to version 1903, i often write down updates i get so i can say that on 17 may 2019 i got kb4494441 culmanative update for win10 v 1809 for x64 based systems this takes win10 to version 1903. i had 52% of it by 902pm and by 950pm a restart was needed so it was a large software download i assume. on 13 june 2019 i was offered this update by Microsoft updates.. i got kb4503293 culmanative update for win10 v 1903 for x64 based systems so i was hoping Microsoft knew they had released some crappy code and this was a wrong was i !

on 27 may 2019 1025am i got the message pc ran into problem and needs to shut downwere collecting some info and then well restart for you 0% complete, visit stop code WHEA_unvorrectable-error , by 1028am its still on 0% so i crashed my pc ( pushed in the power button to shut it off ) i restarted my pc and by 1037am it froze up and restarted suddenly. later the same day at 148pm i got another BSOD this time it said driver irql not less or equal, what failed : igdkmd64.sys , if you google that some answers say the graphics driver failed now ive used win10 for nearly 2 years without this error so in my mind it has to be the new windows 10 updates are causing serious problems.

27 may 2019 watch this video of one of the BSOD errors win10 is causing ..Microsoft Windows 10 pro BSOD stop code error after Feature update version 1903 27 May 2019

28 May 2019 heres a video i made to show another BSOD i got share Microsoft Windows 10 BSOD stop code error igdkmd64 sys after Feature update version 1903 28 May19,

Please watch this short video i made to show a BSOD i got on 8 June 2019 , : Microsoft Windows 10 Feature update causes BSOD WHEA Uncorrectable error 8june2019 137a also read other peoples comments under my video on youtube i am not the only one getting serious problems with their computer.

14 june 2019 i got june 2019 culmanative update for win10 v 1903 kb 4503293 by strangly i had also been offered this on 13 june 2019 and i had installed it and restarted my pc so whats going on here why have i been offered the same update again ?

ever since updating my pc to win10 version 1903 ive had randon pc freeze ups while in the middle of work, the mouse just seems to stop and i can do absolutly nothing so i have to crash my pc which causes a loss of info in open word files..this is a nightmare Microsoft need to fix asap. Are they even aware of the problems win10 version 1903 is causing people ? at my wits end on 24 june 2019 i decided to tweet to lots of Microsft twitter accounts, of the 35 accounts i tweeted to just 2 have replied to me by 25 june 2019, i will update this blog article if i get any info from them. Hopefully theyre aware of issues and working on a fix.

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